Bike Tours (3 tour options)

$35 USD each


Start Time: 14:00

Capacity: 20 each (60 total)


Informative Third Reich & Nazi Berlin Bike Tour 

This powerful tour explores Berlin as the capital city of Nazi Germany. We visit the former Jewish quarter, location of Nazi bunkers, an air raid shelter, anti-aircraft installations, war-damaged buildings, Nazi resistance monuments, WWII battlefields, and more.

By the end of the tour you will:

  • Understand the circumstances that allowed a maniac like Hitler to achieve power.
  • Realize both the grim fate that awaited the victims of the Holocaust and grasp what life was like for ordinary citizens.
  • Draw the connection from the end of World War I to Hitler’s rise and consequently his fall to the building of the Berlin Wall.
  • See the impact the Third Reich and WWII still have on Berlin.


Berlin Highlights Bike Tour 

We've fit the best sites into one amazing 3-hour tour! The Berlin Highlights Bike Tour travels at an easy pace and there's plenty of time for questions and pictures at each of the stops. On tour you will learn about all facets of Berlin's history and see several key sites, such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, and Museum Island.


Themes discussed during the tour:  Berlin’s founding, Prussian Berlin, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi years, wartime Berlin, post-war Berlin and the division of Germany, and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall.


East to West Berlin Wall Guided Bike Tour 

On our Berlin Wall Bike Tour you will visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, see a former watchtower, visit the land once known as the no-man's land, see where the East German Secret Police kept their secret files, and learn about escape attempts in the places they took place.


To put the Cold War into perspective we’ll timeline other important worldwide events to show how these effectively put Berlin at the forefront of Cold War tension. This is a great opportunity to ask your guide more questions about the Cold War or the Berlin of today.


Berlin Underground Tour

$18 USD each


Start Time: 17:00

Capacity: 30

Experience WW2 bombing raids through the eyes of civilians. Every day, hundreds of people walk past a green door in the Gesundbrunnen underground railway station, unaware that, behind it, lies a subterranean labyrinth full of history just waiting to be experienced. 


Berlin was the nerve center of the Third Reich and therefore one of the main targets for allied bombing during WW II. On this tour, our expert guides will lead you in exploring one of the few remaining bunkers, as it was left after the war. There you will learn more about the life of the average Berlin citizen during the air raids that destroyed up to 80% of the city center. Travelling through the twisting passages and rooms, you will also see countless artefacts from the war that have been buried for decades. Additionally, by looking into the development of the city's subway and sewerage systems as well its former pneumatic post, we will provide you with an insight into the 160-year-old underground history of Berlin.


Boat Tour

$24 USD each


Start Time: 14:00

Capacity: 40

Explore Berlin by Boat! River Cruise 

Berlin's waterways offer a unique opportunity to see the city center and its sights. With a distance of around 23 km, the approximately 3.5-hour tour leads past the historic and modern buildings of the metropolis of Berlin. On our route there are dense urban landscapes, industrial areas and the elevated railway, but also green banks.


Learn interesting facts from the history of this city. Learn about the city of Berlin and listen to stories from the districts, through which that tour leads: Moabit, Tiergarten, Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, Neukölln und Friedrichshain. Enjoy Berlins many bridges on the way – some say there are more bridges in Berlin than in Venice.



Brew Tour

$62 USD each


Start Time: 16:00

Capacity: 12/12


Berlin Walking Beer Tour 

Every trip through East Berlin is a trip through time. Meet your guide and fellow beer lovers in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin's coolest neighborhood. Taste 9 beers, possibly the largest number offered by any beer tour in Berlin, and visit one small local brewery. Talk to the people who make and sell the beer, ask questions, and enjoy the complex flavors. Absorb the atmosphere and the history of this special neighborhood. Have a great snack to help soak up the beer. Relax, we balance the educational and historical with a lot of beer. Enjoy the ride!

Our beer tour lasts 3-3.5 hours and there is a little bit of walking, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear