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Dear Colleagues and Friends,


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to beautiful Ghent, Belgium for the 42nd International Herpesvirus Workshop.


Located at the confluence of the rivers Sheldt and Leie, Ghent still breathes the enchanting atmosphere of its medieval grandeur. During the Middle Ages, Ghent was the leading city for cloth and wool industry. Ghent was also the birth place of Charles V (°1500), who would become the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain. Charles V developed a troubled relationship with the proud Ghentians, at some point obliging the city’s nobles to walk barefooted and wearing a noose in front of the Emperor. Since then, the people of Ghent have been called ‘Stroppendragers’ (noose bearers), a nickname that they carry till this day with great pride.


Ghent uniquely combines its medieval beauty and impressive historic treasures with a very lively and positive vibe, a plethora of excellent bars and restaurants and very comfortable accommodation in every price range.


For the Workshop, we plan symposia addressing hot topics in herpesvirology and in other science fields that are of particular interest for herpesvirologists, presented by both coming young investigators and well established field leaders. Our desire is to integrate all three classes of herpesviruses into symposia that challenge and expand what we think of as core concepts in herpesvirology.


The ICC (International Convention Center) will host the conference. This professional venue will allow for effective audio/visual presentations, efficient transfer between concurrent sessions and to the large poster room, and quiet spaces for smaller meetings and discussions.


Transfer between hotels in the historic city center and the ICC will be short and easy, either by the highly efficient trams that ride every couple of minutes, by foot or, if you wish, by bike! When you need a break from all the science, take some time to enjoy one of the hundreds of superb Belgian beers, taste some mouth-watering Belgian chocolates, visit one of the excellent museums and historic places, or just wander around in the awe-inspiring historic city center, which still looks like you could encounter a knight on a horse around the next corner (if you do see one, though, you probably tasted a few more Belgian beers than you should…).


Be prepared to fall in love with Ghent – see you in July!


Herman Favoreel Hans Nauwynck


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