46th Annual International Herpesvirus Workshop Berlin, Germany July 23-27, 2022

Local Information


Explore Berlin

Take advantage of all there is to do in Berlin! Check out the Visit Berlin website to learn about some great attractions or see some sample itineraries to plan your trip to Berlin!


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Family Care Options

Participants who may require family-care facilities can indicate so during registration. This information will be used to assist participants in accessing arrangements for childcare, family care, or other accommodations as needed. Links to family-care options are listed below and will be sent via email to all participants along with information regarding preparation for meeting attendance. A preliminary list of family care options, is provided below. 


The average temperature in July in Berlin will be about of 23°C (75°F). We recommend wearing layered clothing to accommodate the difference in temperature from the air-conditioned workshop venue, warm days, and cooler evenings. 



The euro is the official currency of Berlin and is normally abbreviated as the €, or as EUR. Current exchange rates can be found online at: www.xe.com/ucc



The official language of the Workshop is English. However, German is the official language of Germany. 


Time Zone

The Workshop will be held in Berlin, Germany which is in Central European Time Zone or UTC+01:00.



Berlin has 230-volt electricity, meaning unless your computer or appliance is dual voltage or designed for 230 volts, you will need a converter or transformer. The cycles (Hz) are 50 per second. The Type F electrical plug has two 4.8 mm round pins spaced 19 mm apart and a hole for the socket's male earthing pin. The Type F plug has a rounded shape and the Type F socket has a round recess. The Type F plug is used in applications up to 16 amps.