Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster sessions are scheduled based on the last two digits of your abstract presentation number. For example, 1.01 is an odd-numbered poster, whereas 1.02 is an even-numbered abstract. At least one of the authors must be present at the poster during the presentation time as scheduled below. 

We highly recommend that you review the full workshop agenda here: You can adjust the time zone in the top right corner to view it in your local time zone. 

Poster Session 01 – Odd Numbered Posters

Poster Session 02 – Even Numbered Posters

Wednesday, 27 July

Thursday, 28 July

15:05 - 17:05 Eastern Time / 12:05 - 14:05 Pacific Time

09:00 - 11:00 Eastern Time / 06:00 - 09:00 Pacific Time


Your poster presentation should not exceed 121 cm (48 in) width x 121 cm (48 in) height.

When setting up your poster, please consider the following recommendations:

  • Make sure your text and background have a large contrast (dark lettering on a light background or the reverse).

  • It’s generally advised that for electronic posters to be read on-screen, a minimum 24–28-point size (or bigger) for body text fonts is used, to ensure optimal legibility. A little larger text (e.g.: of up to 32 pt size) might also be a good idea as it will provide comfortable reading.

  • For embedded images, use .jpeg or .png file formats in a resolution of at least 72 dpi minimum.

  • Do not use animated effects, “animations” and videos.

  • Before submitting, save your poster as a PDF file.

Please see below to upload your poster presentation. You will need to select your poster from the list, which will be organized by last name and poster # (email will be sent on June 14, 2021, for your poster number), and select "Choose File" to upload your poster. Once you've selected the PDF to upload, click "Submit" to upload it to our system. Please only upload one PDF per poster presentation; if you are presenting multiple posters, there should be one listing in the drop-down menu for each of your posters. You will get an email confirmation when the poster is successfully received.

We ask that you upload your posters by Wednesday, 13 July to allow the Conference Organizers time to place them in the virtual platform.

Virtual Platform Details: You will be asked to join us live during your designated poster time on Wednesday, July 27, or Thursday, July 28, to connect directly with attendees via spatial video chat. Instructions on how to access the virtual platform will be sent the week prior to the conference.



For questions regarding uploading your poster, please contact:

Lydia Bashaw
Project Coordinator
Conference Solutions
503.244.4294 x1006


E-mail Address
Each presenter is limited to one PDF upload.
PDF File